• "Apex Legends" is receiving another balance pass along with the Emergence update
  • Caustic, Fuse and Horizon are getting their kits buffed
  • Revenant's Death Totem is getting a slight nerf

Several playable characters in “Apex Legends” are going to see some drastic changes in the upcoming Season 10 update. Some of the lesser-used champions are getting some much-needed love, while others are getting their power toned down a little bit to promote a healthier game environment.

The official patch notes have not yet been released, but Respawn has revealed that four legends are going to receive balance passes for this season.

These changes should bring these characters back into the meta or at least give them some more leeway to make better plays. They aren’t as big as some of the previous character changes in the game’s patch history, but they’re more than welcome nonetheless.

Here are all of the confirmed legend changes so far.

Work with your squad and be the last team standing in Apex Legends Work with your squad and be the last team standing in Apex Legends Photo: Respawn Entertainment

Caustic – Gas Damage Buff

Caustic’s gas will now deal scaling damage to all enemies caught inside instead of the usual flat damage per second rate.

Players will now take more damage from an enemy Caustic’s gas the longer they stay inside the noxious clouds. This should make Caustic play slightly better, as the added psychological factor of a stronger gas cloud may give him an advantage over players who get caught in his traps. To compensate for this, however, his ultimate’s gas cloud will expire five seconds faster than before.

Horizon – Increased Gravity Lift Mobility

The big nerf to Horizon in Season 9 is getting partially reverted in the next patch, making her more viable than before. She should now be able to gain height faster and dodge from side to side more quickly than before without sending her back into overpowered territory.

Fuse – Knuckle Cluster and Motherlode Buff

Fuse has been in an awkward spot since his release, and last season, he received some substantial buffs that ultimately weren’t enough to get him to an acceptable power level. In Season 10, Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster is getting its duration buffed to allow him to deny areas for longer.

Meanwhile, his ultimate is getting the ability to highlight enemies who are inside buildings or near walls as long as they are within the ring of fire. This will help Fuse and his team make better decisions regarding when or where to push the enemy from.

Revenant – Death Totem Nerf

Revenant’s Death Totem has proven to be slightly irritating to play against even after his recent changes. Once the new season hits, the ability will now have an audible indicator when it’s nearing the end of its effect. This will make blindly diving into a firefight slightly riskier as an unplanned assault may end up wasting the ultimate, or worse, get a player killed outright.