• The "Escape" update adds a new map, weapon and playable character to "Apex Legends"
  • The Storm Point map will have hostile creatures roaming the wilderness
  • Major Wattson changes are now live together with the update

There are plenty of new additions and changes to cover in the latest patch for “Apex Legends,” and players have a lot to look forward to the next time they begin their climb up the ranked ladder.

Here are the biggest changes in the new “Escape” update for “Apex Legends” that every player needs to know.

New Legend – Ash

Ash is a recurring character from “Titanfall 2” who now fights in the Apex Games as a new offensive Legend with abilities that rival Bloodhound’s tracking and Wraith’s teleportation.

Despite being an Offensive character, Ash can gather information like Recon Legends by interacting with deathboxes. Doing this pings the location of the fallen enemy’s teammates on Ash’s map. She can also passively detect deathboxes.

Her tactical ability, Arc Snare, launches a trap that damages and tethers the first enemy that steps within range, giving Ash and her team a brief window of opportunity to pile on even more damage.

Ash’s Ultimate ability, Phase Breach, lets Ash create one-way portals that allow her to easily relocate to more advantageous positions.

New Map – Storm Point

This new tropical island map will feature dense jungles filled with hostile creatures, giving it a more PvEvP vibe compared to the rest of the game’s levels. Storm Point will have abandoned colony buildings and abandoned settlements as its main points of interest

Apex Legends' new map, Storm Point, features a tropical island filled with abandoned settlements and hostile creatures Apex Legends' new map, Storm Point, features a tropical island filled with abandoned settlements and hostile creatures Photo: Respawn Entertainment

To help players ease into the new map, Storm Point and World’s Edge will be the only maps on rotation for the time being. Storm Point will also be the featured map for Ranked.

New Weapon – C.A.R. SMG

The C.A.R. returns from “Titanfall 2” as a versatile weapon that can use both light and heavy ammunition. Like its previous version, the C.A.R. is a well-rounded gun that’s devastating in the right hands.

Ranked KP Changes

The rank difference between a killer and their victim will now be taken into consideration during Ranked matches. For example, a Silver player who kills a Gold-ranked enemy will be awarded more points than usual. The opposite will happen if a Gold-tier player eliminates a Bronze or Silver-ranked enemy.

Wattson Rework

Wattson’s hitboxes have been made slightly larger to account for the removal of Low Profile, and her Ultimate ability has been reworked completely.

Pylons will now last forever and will only have 250 points’ worth of shields to distribute to nearby players.

Perimeter Defense fences have been significantly buffed. They now deal more damage, have longer debuff times and have increased placement ranges, and Wattson now moves at Unarmed speed when placing fences.