• Olympus is getting a large new point of interest in Season 9
  • The redeploy balloons around Olympus are getting changed for balance purposes
  • The new POI will replace one of the map's large open spaces

The fan-favorite Olympus map in “Apex Legends” is about to get a few big changes in Season 9 to help give players new options in terms of drop zones and playing fields, spicing up the gameplay without making any alterations that are too drastic.

Olympus’ changes are going to be a bit similar to the ones received by King’s Canyon in the past seasons of “Apex Legends.” This time, an entirely new point of interest is getting literally wedged inside the map alongside a plant/overgrowth theme.

Respawn Entertainment has detailed every change it intends to make to Olympus in a blog post. Here’s a closer look at what to expect.

The Icarus and the Infestation

The Icarus is a large ship that serves as a new POI located between the Bonsai Plaza and the Orbital Cannon. The ship’s location effectively removes the large strip of wide-open space that often served as a sniper’s paradise in late-game fights. Instead of bobbing and weaving through gunfire in an open field, players will now have to navigate through the Icarus’ large halls and tight corridors.

Overview of the Olympus map in Apex Legends
Overview of the Olympus map in Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment

Large roots can be seen all over the Icarus, and dead crew members can be found inside the ship, implying some sort of catastrophic event involving a parasitic plant took place before the Icarus docked on Olympus. This infestation doesn’t seem to affect any of the other parts of Olympus apart from some sections of Bonsai and the Solar Array, but they could open up some interesting pathways to get around the map.

Redeploy balloon changes

Some of the redeploy balloons around Olympus are getting their maximum heights reduced, while some are getting outright removed. Lead level designer Dave Osei said they were nerfing the balloons in Olympus to reduce the instances of third-partying around the map.

Osei said he hopes that the changes to the balloons will weaken players’ abilities to literally get the drop on enemies in certain areas, which can significantly reduce the odds of a team getting hit by a third squad while fighting.

Apart from these changes, the rest of Olympus will remain largely untouched outside of a general lighting change that affects the entire map. This means that Olympus will remain largely the same but with a few quality-of-life improvements and new content to keep the game interesting.