“Apex Legends” players have recently found a new trick that involves punching open supply bin lids. Doing this trick would allow players to propel themselves far up even more than Octane’s Launch Pad could. Here’s what we know about this “Apex Legends” bug.

As seen on the official “Apex Legends” Reddit,  iangracia’s thread shows the trick in motion. Gibraltar punches the lid of the supply bin and climbs on it but is suddenly shot up into the air at an unnatural height. Normally, supply bins don’t have this function as it mostly holds equipment for players to use in battle and be an impromptu cover in a fight.

The explanation for this bug is due to the knockback that punches do in “Apex Legends.” Hitting players with your fists pushes them back, but Supply Bins are an immovable object. For some unknown reason, the knockback can be stored to the lid of the Supply Bin and step on it to take all of the knockback. The more punches landed on the supply bin lid, the farther the knockback will the player get.

Due to the nature of the bug, players often find creative ways to use the Supply Bin Jump. Some players use it to move faster in the map which makes escaping the ring much easier, or chasing down foes. Alternatively, the supply bin jump also allows players to reach impossible vantage points which could provide an advantage in a fight. For mischief, players sometimes use it to propel other players into the sea or bottomless pits which instantly kill the player’s character in the process.

“Apex Legends” developers Respawn Entertainment have yet to step in and fix this issue. Previously, players were also enjoying themselves when they’ve discovered that Gibraltar’s Arm Shield could catch deployables and it still was functional. In a few days, many Gibraltar players were seen swinging stacked towers of damaging Nox Gas Traps and repeatedly jumping around with Octane’s Launch Pad attached to their arms. For now, we’ll have to wait when the fix for this new bug will come around or if Respawn Entertainment is planning something about this discoveries.