Respawn Entertainment has included the new Havoc Rifle as one of the new weapon pickups in “Apex Legends.” The new assault rifle that uses up Energy ammo definitely takes some getting used to in order to use it properly. Here’s how to use the new Havoc Rifle weapon in game.

As seen in-game, the Havoc Rifle is an assault rifle that uses up the scarcest ammo resource in the game, Energy ammo. It has a maximum of 25 bullets per clip, deals 18 damage per bullet on a body shot and normally fires with full-automatic shots after a short wind-up time. The gun has three mod slots, specifically for sights, standard stocks and its hop-up upgrade. Like the other assault rifles, it’s compatible with close-range to midrange sights but can be played like a sniper with the right hop-up.

The two compatible hop-ups for this weapon are the rare Selectfire Receiver and the legendary Turbocharger mods that makes the Havoc Rifle work differently when equipped to this weapon. Previously exclusive to the Prowler SMG, the Selectfire hop-up allows players to shoot charged shots from the weapon that deal 55 damage on a clean hit on the body. However, the charged shot also has a wind-up. Meanwhile, the Turbocharger mod removes the wind-up time to make the weapon work like a regular assault rifle.

While the new weapon reveal was exciting, not many fans liked the weapon for its lackluster performance in battle, as seen in the "Apex Legends" Reddit. The wind-up time makes the Havoc rifle a suboptimal weapon for intense combat as it the first shot always comes late against an aware enemy. The charged shot of the Havoc is overshadowed with a fully upgraded Peacekeeper shotgun blast or Wingman revolver shot too.

Meanwhile, the weapon needs Energy ammo, which is hard to find and forces players to make each shot count. In addition, the weapon also has an atrocious spread and recoil, which requires players to put in extra effort to control the weapon as they gun down foes and no barrel mods can be equipped to negate this problem. Lastly, other Energy weapons, the Devotion light machine gun and Triple Take sniper rifle are better choices for Energy ammo.

Overall, using this weapon comes with difficulty but may reward the player when Respawn buffs the weapon in a future update.

Apex Legends Bangalore Wallpaper
Let's hope Bangalore's brother doesn't find Mozambiques and Havoc Rifles on his way down if he's confirmed as a new character in "Apex Legends" Respawn Entertainment/EA/Apex Legends