Apex Legends Mirage Wallpaper
Soon, Mirage will not be at the last spot of the Legends selection screen. Respawn Entertainment/EA/Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment’s “Apex Legends” currently has eight playable characters at launch. While the game has only just begun, many players already want to see a new playable Legend. Fortunately, Respawn Entertainment is already prepared for this.

As seen on Purpletoaster20’s thread on the “Apex Legends” Reddit, the game’s year 1 update roadmap has already been released by the developers. As seen on the roadmap, the game will have four seasons of updates for 2019, starting this March. The next set of updates will be released on June, September and December, as said on the roadmap.

As early as next month, the players will definitely have a new Legend to play with. Currently, many fans like the current roster as there has been a healthy discussion of the best character, and many found the game really balanced. For now, we can only wait for Respawn Entertainment to reveal these new characters.

As for clues, we’ve yet to see any teasers from Respawn Entertainment about the upcoming content, unlike Epic Games’ battle royale game, "Fortnite." In "Fortnite," the map would have some clues on the map to see new content for the game.

However, this style of revealing could be a mismatch for “Apex Legends” as the game has only been out a few weeks and doesn’t expect most players to know the map like the back of their hand.

Aside from new Legends, other content like new weapons, maps, and lootable items will also be released simultaneously once the new season begins. More than just adding content, these new additions could tip the game’s balance by shaking things up and make “Apex Legends” more fun than it already is right now.

Since its release, the “Apex Legends” playerbase has grown to millions in just a few days and has beaten "Fortnite’s" record easily. All of these players will be happy to know what exactly is in store for them once the new updates arrive this March. Aside from the updates, “Apex Legends” will also have a battle pass for this game too.