Apex Legends Pathfinder Background
Hopefully, the new weapon should allow us to wipe the floor of our foes with it. Respawn Entertainment/EA/Apex Legends

After the recent “Apex Legends” Twitch Rivals event, Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that a new gun is coming on live servers by Feb. 20. The new gun seems to be an energy-based assault rifle that shoots laser beams at foes. Here’s what we know about this.

The official "Apex Legends" Twitter has revealed the new trailer featuring the weapon. So far, the new weapon seems to have two modes where it can shoot like a full-automatic assault rifle or do a charged up shot. Moreover, this weapon seems to be the one that Pathfinder is using in the trailer as the Devotion energy Light Machine Gun looks far from the one the robot character uses. We’ve yet to know if this will be included as one of the common gun pickups in King’s Canyon or be added as the level 4 weapons that’s only obtainable from care packages.

The weapon’s name has yet to be confirmed, but it seems to be called the “Havoc” rifle by its fans. Fortunately, its release date is tomorrow which allows us to immediately see what this new weapon is all about.

This new gun could be the start of the Season 1 updates of Apex Legends. Each season, Respawn Entertainment promises at least one new map, character, weapon and loot in the game. With this rifle being the Season 1 weapon, we’ve yet to see the new map, loot and character to be added to the game soon. The full Season 1 content is expected to be released by the whole month of March.

After the Season 1 content, Respawn Entertainment also has second, third and fourth season updates coming to "Apex Legends." These new season updates will arrive by June, September and December as stated in their roadmap.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see what else Respawn Entertainment has in store for this surprise hit battle royale entry that’s keeping its rivals, including "Fortnite," on their toes. "PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds" has congratulated the company over the success of this game.