• Respawn is reportedly working on a new mode
  • “Apex Legends” received Update 1.49 today
  • The popular hotspot would reportedly make a comeback in “Apex Legends”

Data miners recently uncovered several details in "Apex Legends" suggesting that game developer Respawn Entertainment could be working on a new mode. Additionally, they discovered references to the game’s popular hotspot, which could reportedly make a comeback. Moreover, "Apex Legends" update 1.49, rolled out earlier today, introduced a neat feature

The latest leak about “Apex Legends” came from Twitter user shrugtal, who claimed that Respawn Entertainment could be working on Arena mode. The data miners might have discovered some new codes in the recent 6.1 patch of the game that introduced a code to support UI slots on the Play menu for a new Arena mode. The tipster believed that the new mode could be a smaller one that would be perfect for warming up players or training them before getting into the main game.

Aside from this, the insider pointed out that Respawn Entertainment previously said it has a plan to bring back the popular hotspot in King’s Canyon, Skull Town, to “Apex Legends.” Additionally, the tipster seemingly suggested that the Skull Town and the new Arena mode could be related. These details are only rumors and speculations.

Granting that the code is real, there are no confirmed details about when “Apex Legends” players could see this new Arena mode or if they would even see it activated. However, considering that it appears to have been rolled in the game’s patch 6.1, there is a chance that it could indeed arrive in the game.

In other “Apex Legends” news, a brand new patch went live earlier today. The patch introduces a new feature that allows players to deny all incoming friend invites and those on queue. The new feature is available in the game’s Friends menu and players could toggle it on or off.

Respawn Entertainment has not yet released the official patch notes of the said update. But based on the official Trello board of “Apex Legends,” the update resolved the issue with the ring that can spawn in playable space in flashpoint LTM and crashes that happen when -dev is applied.