• "Apex Legends" Season 4: Assimilation is arriving on Feb. 4, 2020
  • More details about the upcoming season were recently leaked online
  • EA affirms "Apex Legends" coming to mobile in China

As “Apex Legends” nears its first anniversary, the game is poised to receive a seasonal content. Details of this content were recently hyped by one of the game’s developers. Based on the latest information, it seems that Revenant is the latest character arriving on the game’s season 4.

Apex Legends” Season 4 Details

The fourth season of “Apex Legends” is titled Assimilation, which is anticipated to make waves in the battle royale game. It was earlier confirmed that players could use the brand new legend Revenant in season 4. But, it appears that there are a lot of surprises in store for fans.

Based on the developer, fans would get another “Apex Legends” trailer aside from the recently released beefy video. The developer also admitted that he is so hyped about the game’s upcoming season. Meanwhile, the recent trailer of the game also revealed several details, especially about Revenant.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends recently introduced update 1.2 which makes quite a few changes to the game. One of the more controversial changes is the removal of the bunny-hop heal, a technique used by many players. sercan çetin / Flickr

Apex Legends” Revenant

Revenant is going to be the new character of “Apex Legends,” taking the place of Forge. The Assimilation trailer details the lore of the robot and shares some of his abilities in the game. Revenant was hired to execute Marcos Andrade, a Portuguese con-man.

One of his skills could be the ability to transform into a shadow form. It has a strong resemblance to the Shadowfall map last Halloween, where the character was first spotted. The upcoming “Apex Legends” character also appears unstoppable in the video.

Apex Legends” Coming To Mobile

Meanwhile, EA recently confirms that “Apex Legends” is coming to mobile in China. The company first announced the news in May last year but remained quiet ever since. But, during the company’s earnings call, it looks like the plan is already in motion and might happen in 2021.

EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen said that the company needs to form a partnership with a Chinese company for the plan to materialize. The CFO mentioned that EA has already found a partner that would help with the release of the game in China.

“Apex Legends” Season 4: Assimilation is releasing on Feb. 4, 2020. You can check out the trailer below