Many players are coming in to EA’s new free-to-play  battle royale game, “Apex Legends.” Its pace is considerably faster than most battle royale games out right now, and new players may find themselves dying too early in matches. Here are some tips to help you survive in “Apex Legends.”

Scurry For Guns ASAP

More than picking your starting spot on the map, situational awareness in the few seconds of the round is much more important. Combined with the Legends’ skills and the firepower of any guns, unarmed players can be eliminated within a few seconds. Melee attacks barely do damage and no melee weapons are in the game. At best, communicate to your team to make sure all are ready to shoot when a fight breaks out. Since "Apex Legends" is a 20-group, 3-man team battle royale, seeing an enemy is always a guarantee that they have backup on the way.

Use Your Skills

Another unique feature in “Apex Legends” is that every team is composed of three unique characters that come with their own set of skills. So far, these skills are mostly leaning on defense and utility as none of them kill outright when used. The legend that seems to be focused on earning kills, Caustic, need to be unlocked and is not much of a threat right now. For now, creating your team with Bloodhound’s tracking abilities, Gibraltar’s defensive shields and Lifeline’s healing skills is good enough for beginners to be able to survive longer in the game.

Ping A Lot

Most interactibles, items and even enemies can be pinged in “Apex Legends,” which allows for quicker communication with your teammates. If you have an item you want to share with your teammates or find an enemy lurking near your position, press the ping on them to keep your team informed. Since “Apex Legends” is mostly a team battle royale, it’ll be best to win through teamwork rather than going to places alone and get picked off easily.

For now, “Apex Legends” has just begun and many players are currently trying it out. Since it’s a fairly new game, players can opt to discover the unique feel of this battle royale outside of the known titles such as "PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround" and "Fortnite."