Apple is just hours away from kicking off its 10th Anniversary celebration of opening its first retail store and quizzical look on the face of Apple fans are only fueling rumors as to what surprise Apple has up its sleeves.

It's not new that Apple is notorious for safeguarding its secret, especially when a new product is to be launched. But various bits of evidences suggest that Apple is planning something for sure that may extend all the way till the weekend. And it may be big.

One of the more reliable suggestions is a makeover of its retail stores, known as Apple Store 2.0. The new Apple store is said to have digital signage that would replace the paper display, Startup Sessions for people to be oriented to their new device, and interactive in-store applications. The employees are also reportedly being trained to use iPads for operations, although the exact purpose is yet to be known.

But the store makeover is not the only rumor surrounding Apple's big anniversary bash. Boy Genus Report (BGR) cited a solid Apple source that Apple stores around the world received hardware for installation and more will come over the weekend.

Apparently, Apple employees are gearing up for overnight shift trainings on Saturday. During the Saturday shift, their cell phones will be switched off and they have to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement. Employees downloaded password protected files which will not be available until Saturday afternoon.

One of the most suspicious acts is the black curtain that will cover the stores. The last time Apple stores were blacked out was before the iPad 2 launch.