Apple may be releasing MacBooks with 5G connectivity soon. The new laptop will reportedly become available early next year. Here’s what we know about the 5G MacBooks so far.

Apple is planning to follow an upcoming trend of 5G laptop releases from three companies, according a report from Digitimes. The three companies, namely Dell, HP, and Lenovo, are said to be planning to release their own 5G laptops in the middle of this year. On Apple’s end, the company has yet to officially announce any new 5G MacBooks.

According from the report, Apple’s supply chain companies confirmed that the company is done with its integrated 5G design for the MacBook. While other companies finished earlier, Apple’s 5G technology is more efficient and can transmit data faster than the others. Apple has a reputation to always provide better specs than the competition but makes their products the expensive choice for consumers.

Apple’s 5G technology uses a ceramic antenna board which provides the double reception and transmission efficiency compared to the other companies’ 5G metal antenna boards. However, this piece of hardware costs around six fold than the other companies’ boards which could ramp up the 5G MacBook’s price.

Speaking of cost, the laptop’s chassis is made of medal which could shield the device from using 5G signals well. Most smartphones 5G only use 11 antennas while the upcoming 5G MacBook is said to use around 13 to 15. Inevitably, this requirement also ups the cost of the device.

As for new devices, Apple has not been too focused on announcing new devices as of late. Since its new announcements earlier this year, the company has been focusing more on introducing new services. In a recent financial report from Apple, the company has put more money in research and development rather than in making new devices.

Moreover, the company has been planning to release the new services later this year. Even with the slew of new services and subscriptions incoming, many fans are hoping that Apple will release a new device this September. In previous years, many Apple devices were released on a September.

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After countless speculations and leaks, Apple finally launches the 16-inch MacBook Pro, sadly it missed to include two important major upgrades. JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images