The list of the AirPods’ rivals grows longer with the addition of an eco-friendly wireless pair of headphones from House of Marley.

Sustainable and high-performance audio equipment maker House of Marley has just released its newest entry into the truly wireless headphones market: the Liberate Air. Those who love music and want to help the environment will do well to get a pair of these truly wireless headphones as they are eco-friendly and made of bamboo and recyclable materials like silicone and fabric.

Engadget noted that each pair offers features that make it worthy to be called an Apple AirPods competitor. The Liberate Air was designed for people with active lifestyles, particularly those who love to go biking or hiking. It is IPX4 rated, making it sweat-proof and shock resistant. It’s also light and easy to wear -- the earbuds themselves weigh a mere 14 grams, while the case weighs a mere 58 grams.

The Liberate Air is easy to use and features touch controls. Users can simply tap the housing to play their music, pause it, skip to the next track, or accept calls. It features quick pairing via Bluetooth 5.0 and also offers clear stereo voice communication perfect for calls. It can be used to interact with Siri or the Google Assistant. Users should note, however, that Bluetooth range is limited to 10 meters.

By charging the Liberate Air for a maximum of four hours (two hours for the headphones and two hours for the charging case), it will allow users to listen to music for a full nine hours. The charging case extends that by up to 32 hours, allowing users to listen to their music or engage in voice conversations for longer.

About House Of Marley

House of Marley prides itself on its eco-consciousness. It uses sustainable and recyclable materials on its audio equipment, and is committed to help the planet by contributing to One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization working for global reforestation.

House of Marley also prides itself on its “Signature Sound” characterized by “smooth, powerful bass, stunningly precise mids and an energized high-end” that results in “the most realistic and powerful performances possible.”

Those who want to try an eco- and ear-friendly can try House of Marley’s new Liberate Air truly wireless headphones, now available for $150 (box includes Liberate Air headphones, an eco-friendly charger, extra tips, and a USB-C charging cable).