Apple Mac Users who were attempting to upgrade to Mountain Lion, the latest operating system, were mistakenly issued with OS X Server components, The Verge reported.

The news item published in The Verge also carried details of how the code came through Apple's Up-To-Date program that offers a free edition of the latest OS to users who bought a Mac computer after June 11.

Reports regarding the anomaly seem to have been first published in the website, 9to5Mac. Apparently, the components that the wrong code corresponds to can only be downloaded by users who had Mountain Lion previously installed, rendering it ineffective.

The report is based on posts published in the MacRumours Forum that states users received OS X Server codes of Mountain Lion instead of Mountain Lion itself.

After the launch of Mountain Lion on the Mac App store, Apple launched another app called an OS X Server for Mountain Lion. It allows users to add sever functionality to the OS for just $20. This is a huge price drop from the $49 for Lion server and the $500 it cost to add the server functionality previously.

Users speculated that extra components may have been released as compensation against problems experienced with up-to-date previously. However, The Verge report negated the speculation stating that such moves were unlikely as it prevents users from upgrading to Mountain Lion.