• Apple's AirPods Pro uses in-ear tips
  • These tips are removable and small, and are easy to lose or misplace
  • There's a way to get replacement ear tips for the AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro uses removable in-ear tips that users can change to fit their ears. That said, it's easy to lose or misplace these tips because they're small. Those who lose their AirPods Pro ear tips shouldn't worry about that, however – there's a way to get replacements for them.

Apple is now selling replacement ear tips for the AirPods Pro directly via its website, MacRumors noted that these ear tips should be in stock in the company's own stores. All stores outside of Greater China, however, remain closed as of writing time.

Those who proceed to Apple's online store will be able to buy the ear tips in three different sizes –small, medium and large– in sets of two. That means users will need to buy a minimum of two pairs every time they make a purchase. That shouldn't be a letdown because it's easy to lose these tips, and having to look for that missing tip might be more stressful than just paying for two pairs.

Apple is selling each set of two pairs for $7.95 in the U.S. MacRumors noted that prices for the same product in other countries could vary. AirPods Pro users in Canada, Australia and other parts of the world should expect to see differences in list prices. The Cupertino tech giant assures all buyers that these ear tips, regardless of size, are “made by Apple.”

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Those who don't want to purchase two pairs of the same size can also purchase just one pair via Apple's support channels for cheaper. This is perfect for those who use two different-sized tips (small on the left and medium on the right, for example) to get a good fit. Here's how to buy replacement ear tips via support channels:

  • First, go to
  • Second, once there, select AirPods > Lost or Missing AirPods > Replace your AirPods Pro ear tips.
  • Third, once there, users will need to choose one from the following: Order Replacements, Chat, Talk to Apple Support Now or Make an Appointment at a Store.

Choosing the first allows users to simply order replacements. The second will allow users to chat with an Apple support specialist who will help them acquire replacements. The third gets an Apple support specialist to call the user. The fourth allows users to set up a Genius Bar appointment.