The Apple AirPods adds another rival to its list of competitors, one that is banking on more than just its looks and sound quality. It is banking on its very low price.

Skullcandy has just released its newest entry into the truly wireless stereo (TWS) headphones market, the Indy headphones. This little pair of wireless headphones boasts of a few things that give it away as a great alternative to the more expensive AirPods.


First, the Indy has the “stick-like” section the AirPods are notorious for, Engadget noted. The Indy’s extended section, however, doesn’t look like the one found on the AirPods. It has a flat side, and is able to conceal the microphone’s location, unlike the silver-colored tip on the AirPods. It also features a noise reduction function for calls.

Second, the Indy looks more like a traditional set of in-ear headphones than not, sans the wires. Users can choose from three different sizes of ear tips, and can opt to attach removable fin-like silicone stabilizers called “stability gels” to help keep the Indy in place. It also comes in black -- a color that AirPods fans are still hoping for.

Third, it has an IP55 rating against sweat, water and dirt, allowing users to take it to the gym or on the road. Those who live active lifestyles have the Indy as an affordable alternative to other TWS headphones like the Powerbeats Pro.

Fourth, it boasts of a maximum of 16 hours total battery life. The headphones are capable of continuous playback for four hours, and once the battery is down to zero it can be recharged via the charging case for up to three times.

Fifth, users can take calls, change tracks, adjust volume levels and activate their phone assistants simply by using the Indy’s touch controls. Various tap patterns to the Skull design, as well as tapping on the left or right earbud, allows users to perform all these.

But wait, there’s more

If these features might not seem attractive enough for the AirPods fan, the Indy’s selling price will be: $80. This pair of truly wireless stereo headphones are sold for $80, which is about half the price of Apple's AirPods with a standard charging case.

What’s more, if users somehow lose or damage an earbud or any related accessory, Skullcandy’s Fearless Use Promise will even allow them to get replacements with discounts.

Pictured are Skullcandy Indy Headphones. Skullcandy