A new patent reveals Samsung’s plans to create new Galaxy Buds designed to be “AirPods killers.” The new design incorporates a few interesting features fans have longed to see on the AirPods.

The patent, released by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, shows Samsung’s plans to create a new Galaxy Buds model with a removable battery, Patently Apple reported. The new Galaxy Buds can be powered by changeable coin cell batteries, which can be purchased anywhere.

The patent describes the earbud as possibly having “an elastic ring arranged along an inner surface of the slot.” It might also include a terminal where the sides and bottom of a coin cell battery can connect.

A photo illustrating Samsung’s planned Galaxy Buds shows that it has a switch or button that serves to operate the wireless earphones. This same switch allows users to access the battery tray slot to remove the battery and replace it.

Interestingly, the new Galaxy Buds might also feature a wired charging method that will allow users to use it while it is being charged, Patently Apple reported. Each Galaxy Bud might include a mini jack where a cord can be plugged in, allowing users to use them at home while charging them at the same time.

Battery Battle

The patent didn’t make any reference to details that will result to a better fit, better audio quality, a smaller profile, or something of the sort. The patent, as a whole, simply showed Samsung’s plans to enhance the Galaxy Buds in one key area: battery life.

The Sound Guys compared the Galaxy Buds and the new AirPods and said that while Apple’s truly wireless earphones outperform Samsung’s wireless earbuds in terms of microphone quality and the amount of talktime the wireless charging case adds to the earphones’ own capacity, Samsung’s offering does outpace Apple’s in a few ways.

First, the Galaxy Buds fit ears better than the AirPods do, thanks to swappable ear tips. Second, it boasts of better sound quality, thanks in part to its great fit. Third, it comes with wireless charging features out of the box and won’t charge an additional $40 unlike the AirPods 2.

Lastly, the Galaxy Buds offer longer battery life compared to the AirPods 2. The Galaxy Buds last for 6.53 hours on a single charge, while the AirPods last for 4.125 hours. Of course, this is when the added charge from the charging case.is excluded.

The new patent simply shows that Samsung is working on something that Apple hasn’t delivered to its fans yet: a long battery life that can be extended for as long as needed.

Samsung Gear IconX
Samsung's Gear IconX earphones from 2016. Samsung