• Apple is working on a premium set of over-ear headphones
  • The device will be called AirPods Studio
  • It will feature ANC, and will be more expensive than the AirPods Pro

By now, everybody tuned in to news about Apple will know that the company is working on a pair of high-end headphones that have some of the AirPods' features. While the Cupertino tech giant hasn't said anything about it yet, there are some rumors and reports revealing some of the device's details.

Here's a quick look at what the International Business Times knows about Apple's new and upcoming premium over-ear headphones.

It will be part of the AirPods line

Noted tipster Jon Prosser, also maker of Frontpage Tech, said in a tweet that Apple is “sticking with the 'AirPods' branding” and will be giving it the name “AirPods Studio.” The device is codenamed B515. The name appears to be a combination of the company's popular AirPods brand and the popular over-ear headphones from Apple-owned Beats, the Beats Studio Wireless.

It has a premium, swappable design

According to anonymous sources who spoke with Bloomberg a while back, the then-unnamed AirPods Studio will have a “premium version” that comes with “leather-like fabrics” as well as a “fitness-focused” version that uses “lighter, breathable materials with small perforations ” in it. The device will have retro-looking, oval-shaped, swiveling ear cups connected by a metal headband.

The sources add that the headband padding and ear pads are attached to the device magnetically, and are interchangeable so that users can mix and match according to their preference. That said, the device can go from “fitness-focused” to “luxury” easily.

It will have ANC

Prosser confirms that the new audio device will have active noise cancellation, which is what set the AirPods Pro apart from the original AirPods. The device is also expected to have other AirPods features such as Hey Siri and more.

AirPods Pro
AirPods Pro Aconcagua

It's more expensive than the AirPods Pro – and also offerings from Sony and Bose

Those who are hoping to get the AirPods Studio should prepare to spend for it. Prosser claimed that Apple will sell it for $349 when it releases, which means it will be at least $99 more expensive than the AirPods Pro. That price tag also means that it will be more expensive than what Microsoft, Sony and Bose offers.