Apple senior vice president of hardware Dan Riccio confirmed that the company has stopped developing the AirPower charging mat. Previously, the charging mat was announced along with the iPhone X back in 2017. Here’s what we know about this development.

According to Bloomberg, the company has officially stopped the development of the AirPower charging mat. This mat was supposed to be a portable mat that allowed users to charge Apple devices placed on top of it. Many Apple fans were excited as this type of device was the first of its kind and unique from the usual powerbanks in terms of portable battery supply.

However, fans will have to put this dream to rest as Apple will not be making and releasing this anytime soon. The company didn’t mention any alternatives that they’re developing after canceling this device. If AirPower had been released, it would have been the first line of Apple wireless portable chargers.

The reason for this cancellation is unclear, but Bloomberg’s unnamed sources said that the device suffered from overheating during the development stage and did not allow charging of multiple devices on the mat.

While this is not confirmed, the technology for this type of device seems to be unique to Apple and no major smartphone developer has attempted to make such a device.

In related news, Android smartphone developers are competing to be the first to release a successful foldable display smartphone. While Royole’s FlexPai came out first, it was not considered a great iteration of the device.

For now, Huawei and Samsung have announced that they’re developing their own foldable display smartphones, while other companies are still planning their own takes for this device. Surprisingly, Apple has not joined this race and seems to have put themselves far away from device development due to their service focus this year.

Aside from the AirPower charging mat, fans are still looking forward to other products coming from Apple in the next several months. Later this year, the new AirPods wireless headphones will be released with an improved battery life.

While the AirPower has been canceled, Apple still believes that wireless devices are the future, and the company will continue creating more devices in this direction.

Apple Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook. Getty Images/Justin Sullivan