• Apple created a new website
  • The website allows Apple Card owners to manage their accounts using a computer
  • The website works on any browser

Apple has created a new website that Apple Card owners can use to manage their accounts.

The new website allows Apple Card owners to manage their account, check their existing balance, view statements and more. The new online portal effectively allows Apple Card owners to do all these without having to rely on the Wallet app and an iPhone or iPad.

The website, which was first spotted by MacRumors, lets Apple Card owners sign in with their Apple IDs. Once inside, it lets users view relevant information related to their account, divided into several sections. It basically lets users do on a browser what they previously did via the Wallet app on an iPhone or iPad.

Here's a quick look at each of the four sections on the new website:

  • First, there's the Payments section, which gives users a quick look at their card balance, a list of their scheduled payments and corresponding dates and their total card limits. Users can see their balance details, as well as manage their scheduled payments, by clicking on links on the screen.
  • Second, there's a Statements section that allows users to view statements and download them for whatever purpose.
  • Third, the Settings section allows users to add bank accounts and manage scheduled payments just like the first section above. This section also allows users to see their Mastercard network benefits.
  • Lastly, there's the Support section, which is dedicated to providing Apple Card owners with user guides as well as a phone number that they can call in the event they need some help with their account.

The new website means that Apple Card owners will no longer be limited to managing accounts, payments and more on a mobile device. Users will be able to do all these things even without an iPhone or iPad.

In addition, MacRumors noted that the website can be accessed using any browser – Edge, Chrome, Firefox and so on – on any computer, not just Macs.

In addition to creating a new website, Apple also now allows new Apple Card applicants to apply from the website on any browser. Applicants can do this when buying a new product using the Apple Card Monthly Installments option.

Apple Card website
A screenshot of Apple's new Apple Card website Apple