• Apple is exempting every Apple Card holder from the March bill
  • The company cites the problems that the outbreak has been causing worldwide
  • Holders will have to apply for this service through the online Apple Support page

Apple has recently announced that bills won’t be sent to Apple Card owners this March in an effort to provide relief amid the problems that the COVID-19 outbreak has been causing throughout the world. Card holders can now rest easy with another bill slashed off their list.

According to the email that Apple has sent to the card holders, the March bill for the company’s credit card service will be waived. The company understands the situation that its card holders are facing due to the outbreak. However, the holders must apply for this waive on Apple’s support site.

To get started, proceed to the Apple support site and apply for this service if you’ve received the Apple Card email. Apple’s support will handle the bills on that end. This is the first time that Apple has waived bills for the Apple Card for a month.

As of now, the COVID-19 outbreak has affected many countries all throughout the world. Some countries are busy isolating the cases and controlling the outbreak’s growth. Meanwhile, some countries, such as Italy and other heavily affected nations, have even issued a lockdown in some of their cities.

Many establishments have been temporarily closed down and some businesses have suspended operations. Some workers can’t go to work to earn their pay for the month up until the quarantine is over and the government is lifting the restrictions. Some governments have also announced to postpone tax payment for a while until the whole situation is controlled.