Apple might have been reportedly testing a foldable iPhone, but fans shouldn’t rejoice yet as experts believe the Cupertino tech giant will be launching a foldable iPad device before it releases the device called the iPhone X Fold.

Previous reports said Apple is working on a foldable iPhone especially now that Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is still nowhere to be seen. The news came from a patent that described iDevices with a foldable display and cover. While the patent implied that Apple had plans for a “foldable” device, it didn’t specify that this device will be an “iPhone.”

While that report likely caused a lot of iPhone fans to expect a folding iPhone to arrive anytime soon, the truth remains that it won’t be coming soon, or at least until the tech giant releases a foldable iPad. According to a market researcher, Apple is indeed planning on developing a foldable device that runs on iPadOS.

"We think Apple will follow [a] similar Microsoft concept to develop the foldable device with iPad OS and Apple A series processors," Associate Director for Consumer Electronics at IHS Markit, Jeff Lin, told Forbes in an email.

Similar Microsoft concept?

Lin didn’t mean Apple will “copy” Microsoft, but he did mean to say that the Cupertino tech company will follow in the footsteps of the Redmond giant, in that they will also release a foldable device.

Lin previously said Microsoft is planning to release a foldable Surface PC. While the foldable Surface PC folds like a book a la Galaxy Fold, it will have two displays unlike the troubled smartphone/tablet hybrid.

Lin said Apple is expected to follow Microsoft’s steps and release a folding iPad that will be "MacBook display size" and designed “for on-the-go.” Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll have a display as huge as that of the one on the MacBook; it could simply mean the unfolded device could be as large as a MacBook’s display -- bezel (if any) and all.

Apple, however, is unlikely to release this device soon as the company is prioritizing working on putting 5G on the 2020 iPhone first, Lin said. This means the foldable iPad, when released, might have 5G as well.

Apple ipad rumor A leak suggests another "new" iPad could be on the way. A woman uses her Ipad for a Facetime conversation on Jan. 29, 2019 in Rome. Photo: VINCENZO PINTO/Getty Images