Apple looks to be launching its own credit card. This illustration picture shows the Apple logo displayed on a tablet in Paris on Feb. 18, 2019. Lionel Bonaventure/Getty Images

It seems safe to say that Apple rules the tech world right now. No company has instilled the kind of loyal user base that Apple has in recent memory and most of its ventures have been successful. That said, Apple is venturing outside the box with the aid of one of the biggest investment companies in the world.

A report by the Wall Street Journal suggests Apple and Goldman Sachs may be joining forces to produce a credit card. The card would be issued through Mastercard and have a focus on Apple Pay along with deep integration to iOS.

The general suspicion is that a card would likely be released around the same time as the next iPhone later this year. It would serve as an easy way to incentivize the use of Apple Pay and provide Apple a larger portion of Apple Pay transaction fees.

Currently, fees are split between Apple, the card network, and the card issuer. Offering their own card would give Apple the fees that would normally go to the card issuer since that would be them.

This would also be a new venture for Goldman Sachs. Its involvement could be as much as $200 million to help build the IT infrastructure and support team at Apple necessary for the card to work. This would also allow people to get cash back on purchases if desired.