Apple is reportedly releasing the AirPods 2 very soon and insider rumors are saying that the new earphones are arriving in black finish as well.

The report on the black Apple AirPods 2 came from the Taiwanese site Economic Daily News, which did a January revenue report on Inventec, the Taiwanese assembler of the AirPods.

According to them, the company is gearing for better revenue in the coming months because of the release of the new AirPods, which will also come out along with the wireless charging mat called AirPower.

The site also shared that both gadgets should have been released last year, but problems in the production of the wireless charger caused delays. This year, however, mass production of the AirPower is said to be underway, and with it are the new AirPods.

The wireless audio accessory will keep its original price at around $159 but this time, Apple is said to offer them in a black variant. The white Apple AirPods will still be available.

The update comes two years after the AirPods’ first release in 2016, according to Metro. The latest version of the AirPods is said to be capable of the “Hey Siri” command without tapping on the headphones. A health tracking feature is also expected to be one of the main attractions of the Apple AirPods 2 to complement the improved health and fitness features of the Apple Watch Series 4.

During its first release, the white, wireless device raised some eyebrows among tech enthusiasts. Some believed that it was too expensive for a gadget that’s described as very easy to lose. However, those who reviewed the product warmed up after using it and found that the device was convenient to use and has a very decent sound quality.

TechRadar described the Apple AirPods as the perfect gadget for those who are looking for a wireless device that has good sound quality and does seamless device pairing. The gadget has also been lauded for its excellent battery life, averaging five hours of listening time and about two hours of talk time.

As for the release date, although people are anticipating the new Apple AirPods to drop during the company’s annual March event, there could be some slight delays as the upcoming event is usually reserved for the introduction of new Apple services and content.

Apple is rumored to release a black version of the AirPods. Pictured: Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller announces AirPods during a launch event on September 7, 2016 in San Francisco, California. Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images