Apple has just released the iOS 13.1 Beta 2 for developers likely in preparation for when its new iPhones arrive in the marker. What’s new in the second iOS 13.1 Beta?

The release of the first beta for iOS 13.1 last month was a surprise as it’s not normal for Apple to release a point update for software that hasn’t even been released yet, MacRumors noted. Nevertheless, iOS 13.1 is expected to be released shortly after iOS 13 becomes available and the iPhone 11 lineup is released.

Here are some of the resolved issues on iOS 13.1 Beta 2 according to some developers, as well as the remaining issues that developers will notice after installing the iOS version on their devices.

Resolved issues

Developers will find that some issues are fixed in iOS 13.1 Beta 2. Some of them restore app functionality, while some of them are focused on cosmetics.

First, Google Hangouts, a communication app, is now working again. iOS 13.1 Beta 2 users can go back to using their Hangouts apps on their iPhones. 3D Touching on a contact’s image in Messages won’t result to a crash anymore.

Second, quick share to frequently used contact row is not blank or blurred anymore. It’s also possible to clear quick replies by tapping on the “X” button.

Users will also be able to resize wallpapers now, allowing for a more customized and personal look. Additionally, the lyrics shown in Apple Music will now scroll automatically.

Remaining issues

Sadly, while some of the issues have been fixed, some are remaining and could affect user satisfaction towards devices running on iOS 13.1. Here are some remaining issues in iOS 13.1 Beta 2:

First, the apps in Messages will not load if they are launched from the “More” item in the menu. There are also numerous but unspecified minor issues in Mail.

Second, the Genius screen layout in the iTunes Store is broken and won’t work perfectly when in dark mode. Additionally, the iTunes Store snaps back to the top of the screen when the a user taps on the bottom menu bar. Lastly, invoking the Volume HUD will result to the touchscreen having some input delay.

iOS 13.1 Beta 2 is available for download now. Those who want to view the release notes can do so here.

iPhone XR store wipe Pictured: An employee cleans an iPhone Apple XR during the press visit of the new Apple Store Champs-Elysees on November 15, 2018 in Paris, France. Photo: Getty Images/Chesnot