Apple is reducing the amount of OLED panels for the iPhone X it is ordering to Samsung Display. The decision is seen as an inevitable move by the tech giant considering the lower-than-expected sales of the iPhone X during the previous quarter. 

Etnews reported Friday that Apple is now reducing the component orders for its 10th anniversary iPhone. This, of course, includes the OLED panels it is getting from Samsung Display. In addition, the publication has learned that the Cupertino giant will stop ordering for more parts in the second half of 2018. 

Apple’s big changes to its iPhone X supply are now solidifying the rumor claiming that the tech giant could be discontinuing its first OLED model. The rumor that was raised by industry sources is reportedly causing Apple’s partners to worry because such a move would impact their overall performance. 

The speculation surfaced after sources learned that Apple is reducing its orders for iPhone X components to its suppliers in the first quarter of 2018. Moreover, this reduction is believed to continue in the next quarter. “Amount of orders is being reduced by more than 50 percent every quarter,” a representative for a component manufacturer said. 

The same representative divulged that component suppliers do not have scheduled orders for the second half. This alarming bit caused industry sources to assume that Apple could be planning to discontinue iPhone X because of its disappointing performance. 

However, it’s worth noting that component orders during the first and second quarter are typically low because these quarters are regarded as slow seasons for Apple’s iPhones. Furthermore, the Cupertino giant usually lowers its orders around these periods in preparation for the launch of its next-generation iPhones in the second half. 

The iPhone X is Apple’s first OLED smartphone, so it would be a bummer if the company decides to discontinue it. Meanwhile, the reduced orders are now believed to have a huge impact on the South Korean manufacturer. Samsung Display is, after all, the sole supplier of OLED screens for the iPhone X. 

Last month, DigiTimes research analyst Luke Lin disclosed that Apple has already made changes to its 2018 iPhone lineup. “Apple originally intended to push the two OLED iPhones and the 6.0– to 6.1–inch LCD iPhone, but has recently started leaning toward the combination of the two LCD models plus the 6.4– to 6.5–inch OLED iPhone,” Lin said.