Apple’s HomePod smart speaker has recently received a new 13.s software update which introduces new features to the device. Three features are confirmed for this update namely the Handoff feature, Multi-user support, and Ambient Sounds. These features offer more functionality for many users and offer additional personal use with the music it makes.


The handoff feature allows iPhone music playlists to be directly transferred to a HomePod smart speaker with minimal effort needed. The user only needs to bring the iPhone near the HomePod. The smart speaker would then copy the playlist that the smartphone is currently playing at the moment.

Multi-User Support

The HomePod update also adds multi-user support. The smart speaker will be able to take register multiple profiles according to voice of the user that speaks to it. Families using the device will be able to switch users faster through simply speaking to the device.

The Apple HomePod can store up to six profiles and independently store personal voice commands for all these profiles.

Ambient Sounds

The new update also adds the Ambient Sounds feature to the HomePod smart speaker. When turned on, the speaker would let out some ambient white noise. The feature is designed for its owners who want to sleep and relax without relying on songs with lyrics.

The feature can also be tied in with sleep timers which the Ambient Sounds feature will automatically turn off.

So far, the whole HomePod 13.2 update are mostly about these three new features.

Apple HomePod
The Apple HomePod is displayed at an Apple Store on Feb. 9, 2018 in San Francisco, California. Getty Images/Justin Sullivan