Some of the iOS 13 features are not all explained on its updates for its users. However, these hidden features can be easily found through snooping around the settings of your device. Here are some of the hidden iOS 13 features you need to try right now.

Scroll Bar Upgrade

The iOS 13 has improved its Safari web browser scroll bar in the latest update. Instead of the usual scroll bar for mobile smartphones, Apple designed the Safari scroll bar that allows users to speed up or slow down the scrolling accurately.

This feature can be seen in the right side of the screen while using the Safari web browser.

Optimized Charging

This new battery feature doesn’t come with an easy on-off switch as users will have to find it their Apple device’s Settings app.

The feature can be found under the Battery Health menus under the Battery tab in the Settings app. Turning this feature on will allow users to freely charge up their phone as they leave it unattended for a long time.

Letting smartphone batteries charge up beyond 100 percent is bad for its duration over a long period of time. This feature allows it to stop charging at 80 percent and only continue to 100 percent once the owner uses the device again. This feature prevents the battery deteriorating from overcharging.

Voice Search

A new microphone icon can now be found the upper right corner of the screen as of the iOS 13 update. The feature works similarly to Siri but it searches for files and apps inside your device. This feature can also be used to lead yourself to Settings, Messages, and Mail apps faster through simply speaking to your device while this feature is on.


The iOS 13 also rolls out updates that makes the iMessage app a reliable messaging platform. Its auto-predict feature has been improved and simply swiping down would show the Search feature for the device.

Locationless Video and Photo Sharing

Lastly, users can now easily remove their location info as they post videos and photos on the go. After picking the photos to share on social media, the Options button can be found on top which contains the settings to turn off the location info. Turn off the “Location” setting in the “Include” section of the options to opt the location info out of your social media photo and video posts.

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The Tips app has been updated ahead of iOS 11’s release next week. Reuters/Shailesh Andrade