Apple’s iOS 13.1 update has just been rolled out for the latest iPhone and other compatible devices. So far, Apple announced a new fix for a security breach found on third party keyboard apps. The new update also includes upgrades to features of the device.

The new iOS 13.1 update fixes many issues found on the first release of the major iOS update. Apparently, the latest iOS 13 had many bugs and issues on its first release last Sept. 19. The bugs spanned from minor Siri voice request inconsistencies up to security breaches with keyboard apps. Overall, the iOS 13.1 generally improves the performance of the iPhone 6S up until the latest iPhone 11.

One of the fixes for the iOS 13.1 is removing an issue that prevents phones from using backups to restore it. This feature is important in retrieving missing files and reverting back to versions where the phone is not suffering from a major software problem.

Additionally, the iOS 13.1 update now prevents an issue that phones loaded with the software to drain its battery faster. Even the latest Apple devices that had the best hardware had to deal with this issue due to the bug in the first iOS 13 version.

The issue with Safari search suggestions re-enabling itself are also fixed for this update. Moreover, the Reminders app seems to sync slowly for the iOS devices.

Lastly, Apple was able to plug in an issue with third-party keyboard apps compatible to the iOS 13. These apps could be provided with full access to your phones even without the app asking for privileges like these. This issue is considered a breach of privacy for its users and Apple has been committed to removing problems to protect its customers and prevent any legal problems to their business.

However, the company has failed to mention about the credit card issue found recently on the iOS 13. Some users would unknowingly find a stranger’s credit card details on their devices and is complete with the sensitive details such as full name, address, and credit card identification digits.

For now, we’ll have to wait more on Apple’s updates to know if it’s going to push out a follow up updates soon after these fixes.