After its device reveals this September, Apple will have another special event with a new set of products to show. The company has yet to show the full lineup but many fans and analysts know what to expect from one of the best in the smartphone business. Here’s what to expect from the next Apple special event this October.

macOS Catalina

The official Apple site page for the macOS Catalina has shown some changes after the Apple special event this September has concluded. The upcoming update is confirmed to be discussed in the upcoming October special event. Apple wasn’t clear if the macOS Catalina would be released, revealed, or be updated on its progress.

The macOS Catalina is expected to be the first version of the Apple computer operating system to exclusively support 64-bit apps. Many Mac users are encouraged to backup their files before installing the beta version of this new update.

New 16-inch MacBook Pro

Aside from a new OS, the MacBook Pro could be discussed as many reports about the device came out earlier this February. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the next MacBook Pro would have a 16.5-inch display with an all new design.

This new MacBook Pro would replace the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro that’s the current generation of Apple’s laptops.

Improved iPad Pros

Earlier this August, Bloomberg reported that Apple is working on iPad Pro camera and processor upgrades. Potentially, the new upgrades may just be similar with the iPhone 11 which mostly had specs and camera improvements this 2019. No new major features may be introduced in the new iPad Pros if Apple stays consistent with its idea of improving its devices this 2019.

Mixed Reality Headset

As of late, Apple currently has patents for “mixed reality headset.” The company has the designs to make a headset that allows its user to switch view from the virtual reality and real world visuals easily. As of now, no company has yet to produce such a device.

However, Apple’s patents are not always made into products. We’ll have to wait on the October special event.

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