While Apple is currently busy with working on iOS 13.3, a designer went ahead and created a concept video showing how the next major software update, iOS 14, could look like.

Tech giant Apple has just recently released iOS 13.2, adding more features that could make the iPhone experience better than ever before. While the iPhone operating system isn't entirely perfect, one could see that Cupertino is working to make it better than previous versions.

Sometimes, however, Apple's plans aren't what fans had in mind. And so, a designer named theHacker34 (via Cult Of Mac ) collected all the iOS leaks and rumors that he could find and came up with a concept video that showcases just how iOS 14 –the next major software update for the iPhone– could look like. Here's a quick look at what the video showed:

New Icons

First is the introduction of new icons. Although some app icons have been given a refresh, some iOS icons have stayed the same for years. The next iOS version might be able to spice things up with new icons.

Smaller Call Screen

Next, iOS 14 could also introduce a smaller call screen. Although iPhone users are used to seeing the picture and name of a caller in a huge box that appears on the screen, it wouldn't hurt if Apple decided to reduce the box size.

Keyboard GIFs

The designer envisioned an iOS keyboard that allows users to send GIFs without having to embark on a lengthy search. Instead, users will only need to type a keyword like “Hi” in order to see relevant GIFs.

Split View

This is probably one of the biggest changes iOS 14 could introduce, if ever. Larger iPhone models have wider screens that could be maximized with the addition of Split View, similar to the one on the iPad. What's more, users will be able to do a lot more if the Split View on iOS will have a Drag and Drop feature.

And more...

The video creator also showcased a few more interesting features that should make it to iOS. These features include the ability to have Multiple accounts, an always-on display that's handy when looking at the time (best for those who don't like to wear watches), a lot of complications on the screen, and the ability to set default apps (like using Chrome by default instead of Safari).

The designer also added a “one more thing” to the package: the ability to place apps anywhere in Home Screen. Apple hasn't allowed anybody to place apps just about anywhere they want on the display. If iOS 14 introduces this feature, a lot of fans will be very happy.