• Apple introduced support for external mice for the iPhone and iPad in iOS 13 and iPadOS
  • The Accessibility feature might become mainstream in iOS 14
  • iOS 14 also brings added support for more gestures

iPhones and iPads are set to receive improved mouse support once iOS 14 is released, a report says.

Apple introduced mouse support for the iPhone and iPad in iOS 13 and iPadOS, allowing consumers to use their devices with external mice. This was considered an additional Accessibility feature then, but will become mainstream once iOS 14 arrives, 9To5Mac reported.

The improvements will make using mice on the iPhone or iPad more similar to using it on the Mac, 9To5Mac, which spotted the feature inside the iOS 14 code, said. This is seen to benefit a lot of users, particularly those who prefer to use their iPads for work all day, Cult of Mac noted.

One of these changes include seeing several different kinds of pointers depending on what the pointer is pointing at. For example, users will normally see a standard mouse pointer on the screen while using the mouse. This pointer, however, will switch to a pointing hand the moment the pointer hovers over links.

The report does not reveal other kinds of pointers, but hints that there could be more. Users will simply need to see it for themselves once the new iOS version arrives.

Another interesting change might be the inclusion of a feature that allows the mouse pointer to disappear when the mouse is not used for some amount of time. This feature will allow users to see what's displayed on the screen without having to move the pointer away. It also emphasizes that while the iPhone and iPad can support mice, they are primarily touch-enabled devices.

Added support for touch gestures

9To5Mac also reported that the iOS 14 code indicates that Apple is working on two new Smart Keyboard models, as well as on adding support for new gestures. This indicates that the new Smart Keyboard models will have a trackpad similar to those found on laptops, 9To5Mac reported.

The new gestures will allow users to use the Smart Keyboard's trackpad much like the way they can use a laptop's trackpad. These gestures will include right-clicking using a two-finger tap, a three-fingered swipe to show all apps, and so on.

iPad Pro
iOS 14 will make using external mice and trackpads for iPads a lot better. REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach