Apple iOS 7
Apple has released five different beta versions of iOS 7, which means we're quickly approaching the public release date of iOS 7. We're expecting iOS 7 to arrive on Wednesday, Sept. 11. Apple

Apple uncovered the new iOS 7 operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at the WWDC 2013 on Monday, highlighting 10 key features of the new OS in the keynote while leaving at least 24 other features without mention.

Apple iOS 7
During the iOS 7 announcement, Apple boasted several new features, but there are some other aspects you might not know about. Apple

Apple touted iOS 7 as “the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone.” Given that, the new version of the platform is expected to have more features under the hood it is bound to become more sophisticated before the final build reaches consumers.

During the iOS 7 announcement, Apple showed off new features like “Control Center,” “AirDrop for iOS,” “Multitasking,” “iTunes Radio,” “Activation Lock” and “iOS in the Car,” but there are some unique aspects beyond the features that you need to know about iOS 7.

Let’s look at seven such features:

1. Yandex Instead Of Google On Safari In Several Countries

Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported on Tuesday that Apple will pre-install the Yandex search engine in Safari in Russia and several other countries. The report said iOS 7 beta users in Russia, Ukraine and Turkey have discovered several search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex, pre-installed in the Safari browser.

Apple started collaborating with Yandex for its mapping service on iOS 6 last year. It was rumored that both the companies were working on an even bigger deal that led many to speculate that “Yandex would become the default search on the mobile version of Safari,” TechCrunch reported.

2. Tencent Weibo Will Get Facebook/Twitter-Like Treatment

Tencent Weibo, the Chinese microblogging site that functions as Twitter, will reportedly be supported in iOS 7. Apple mentioned about the Tencent Weibo integration briefly in its official iOS 7 announcement, but did not say about the extent of the support.

Sina Weibo, another Chinese social networking site, was integrated into iOS 6 in 2012. Therefore, it is expected that Tencent Weibo will also be added to the group of third party players that are given priority on the iOS platform.

3. iOS 7 Clock App Icon Displays Real Time

In addition to the user interface changes in the iOS 7, yet another interesting detail has been spotted. It seems that that the clock app icon on the homescreen now provides the correct time and includes a moving second hand. Check out the video below:

4. AirDrop Is Capable Of Doing More

As Apple claimed, AirDrop on iOS 7 can transfer photos to a friend through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, without requiring any wires, physical touch or emails. But the feature can also support other file types. According to Apple’s website, AirDrop supports sending Passbook passes and contacts.

Since there’s also a third-party application programming interface for AirDrop, the feature is expected to help transfer other third-party files soon, Macworld reported.

5. FaceTime Audio With Built-In VoIP

Apple has introduced FaceTime Audio, a first-party voice over IP extension of the company's video calling service, with iOS 7. The feature is expected to be a game-changer as it could disrupt the mobile industry by allowing iPhone users to make free and long distance calls.

It is found in the iOS 7 beta that FaceTime Audio is present with the video version of the service everywhere. FaceTime now has two icons – a camera for video and a phone for audio-only communication.

6. Wi-Fi HotSpot 2.0 Lets You Connect Without User Interaction

iOS 7 will feature the new Wi-Fi HotSpot 2.0 technology that allows supported devices to switch seamlessly between compatible networks without requiring authentication.

“Hotspot 2.0 is the technology specification behind the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Passpoint certification program,” said an ArsTechnica report. “Instead of typing in a password, a user could authenticate to the network automatically by virtue of owning a device with a SIM card. Passpoint-enabled devices within range of a Passpoint-supporting hotspot would automatically join it and get the benefit of WPA2 security.”

7. Dynamic And Panoramic Wallpapers

iOS 7 brings dynamically animated wallpapers to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new OS also allows users to set panoramic image from the Camera Roll as Lock or Homescreen background. Check out the video below:

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