Apple sells millions of iPads, so it's no surprise the number of accessories for the amazing tablets is seemingly as large. GoPad is a new accessory for the person who attaches themselves to their iPad and wants to take it everywhere while using it the whole time, of course. It's a bit reminiscent of the fanny pack, actually. Convenient, but silly looking. For some, however, possibly restaurant servers, it could be just the device for the right situation.

GoPad is an iPad stand that you wear, and it's fully adjustable for things like taking orders on, gaming or even laying back in an airplane seat. It's $90 and comes with the strap, harness and companion carrying case. The maker is working on different versions for other tablets as well. Future GoPads are being readied for the Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry PlayBook, Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Amazon Kindle Fire. Start the slideshow to see the GoPad in action.

Tell us in the comments if this is an accessory you could see using and for what purpose.

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