Apple’s iPhone 11 is said to have some advanced audio connectivity features, according to the smartphone giant’s partner companies. One new feature would allow its users to connect two different audio sources to the phone.

According MacOtakara, Apple’s Asian suppliers leaked that the new iPhone will have “similar technologies” as the Huawei P20 Lite and Samsung Galaxy S8. One of this new features is a dual Bluetooth system that would allow the iPhone 11 to link to two devices at the same time and use audio on both of them.

At present, Apple’s linking technology allows the iPhone to link to as many Bluetooth devices as it can. However, the iPhone can only play audio on one of these devices at a time. Playing audio on multiple devices is only possible if there is a dedicated smart device joint system in the area, such as the HomePods.

While the new technology is said to not allow playing two different audio tracks at the same time, it allows the AirPods to play two different audio at the same time. It would be possible to play music on one ear while listening to wayfinding app instructions on the other.

Other features said to be coming to the next flagship iPhone are the triple-lens camera, full-screen touch ID and 5G connection. The triple-lens camera is known to further improve the quality of images taken with the device, while the full-screen Touch ID adds an improvement with the existing security system.

Meanwhile, the 5G connection feature on smartphones has been catching up on many devices other than Apple’s iPhones since the whole industry is moving forward with this better mobile data technology. However, it may not be available in countries that has yet to fully set up the 5G infrastructure.

As for the release of this new feature, sources said that the 2019 iPhones could have 5G connectivity. We might get more information about the new iPhones in the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 this June. We’ll have to wait on Apple to know more information about the devices.

iPhone XR store wipe
Pictured: An employee cleans an iPhone Apple XR during the press visit of the new Apple Store Champs-Elysees on November 15, 2018 in Paris, France. Getty Images/Chesnot