The Apple iPhone XS doesn’t have a dedicated call recorder app for its owners to use. However, iPhone XS users have many options to record their phone calls through third-party means. Here’s how to capture calls on your iPhone XS.

Let A Third Party Record It

If there’s no app available on the device, owners can use the call merge feature and add a friend who can record it for them instead. During the call, iPhone XS owners can add another phone number which would be merged into the call. This move should be done first before the other end picks up. It works better if it’s the outgoing call.

For incoming calls, you can ask the other end to hold the call first or inform them about the third party to record the call. The other end won’t know if the link was made while they’re put on hold.

Apps such as Rev Call Recording and TapeACall are good services if you want to record your calls.

With Mac Computers

If a Mac computer is available, the QuickTime app can record phonecalls and FaceTime calls for its user. However, the iPhone XS must put the call on loudspeakers as it cannot record the messages done through headphones and other earpieces.

Once you’re ready, go to the QuickTime menu bar on your Mac, and choose the File option to find the New Audio Recording button. Once the recording starts, you’ll have to set the microphone input to Internal Microphone. Lastly, the call recording must be done in a quiet place to ensure the recording’s clear quality.

Google Voice

Another way is adding Google Voice to your iPhone XS. The app can record calls for you through its Hamburger menus and look into its Settings options for the Calls button. Under this button, the Incoming call options will have what you need for the call recording.

Once the caller contacts your Google Voice and your call is done with VoIP, holding down 4 will allow the app to start recording. However, Google has programmed this service to audibly notify both parties with a voice message about the record. This way is not the most subtle as Google protects its interests through this message to avoid any lawsuits.

Manual Voice Recording

If an actual voice recorder is available, that’ll also work. Voice recording devices that cost around $20 to $60 would do. Similar to the Mac computer option, keep the phone on loudspeaker if the recorder doesn’t support earpiece recording

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