• iPhone 12 camera lens' quality issue places one component supplier in the hot seat
  • iPhone 12 launch will now be split into phases
  • Budget-friendly iPhone 12 models to be the first ones to launch

Apple still has months left before the iPhone 12 series officially comes out. However, there is a new problem linked to the non-pro iPhone 12 camera lenses.

Acclaimed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a new research note seen by MacRumors that a quality issue has cropped up for the iPhone 12 camera lenses during testing. Supplier Genius Electronic Optical found that coatings on the wide-angle lenses experienced cracking.

The issue was spotted when the smartphones were subjected to high-temperature/high-humidity (HTHH) testing. Specifically, the camera lenses for the 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch non-Pro iPhone models were the ones affected.

Kuo confirmed that this will delay Genius Electronic Optical's delivery of components for these models, especially with the issue remaining unsolved. He also noted that the company may have to give Apple a 30% discount in order not to be completely overtaken by its competitor.

The famed Apple analyst said that the iPhone 12 camera lens quality issue is not expected to delay the launch of the iPhones. Largan, the other supplier of the iPhone camera lenses, has not experienced an issue with its components, thus Apple will prioritize the company's supplies.

"We estimate that the low-end 7P wide-angle lens, CCM, and final assembly mass production of the 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch aluminum frame iPhone will be in mid-to-late August, mid-to-late September, and early October, respectively," Kuo wrote in the research note.

"We believe that in the uncertain timetable for [Genius] to solve the quality problem of film cracking, Apple will give priority to purchasing Largan’s low-end 1/2.6” 7P wide-angle lens at least in the initial supply stage to ensure that the two aluminum-framed ‌iPhone 12‌ can be as scheduled," he continued.

Apple will be able to proceed with its launch, although it may be a two-stage launch, Chinese outlet DigiTimes reported. The first iPhone models coming out will be the 6.1-inch variants, and the 6.7- and 5.4- devices will follow in the next phase, the report said.

These new updates come days after Apple confirmed during its earnings conference call that the launch of the iPhone 12 series will be pushed back by a "few weeks."

As previously reported, among the features to watch out for in the iPhone 12 is the rear camera ones. Two models will come with two cameras and an aluminum body. The two other upcoming smartphones will have a stainless steel body, with the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max having three cameras and LiDAR sensors.

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