• Apple faced many manufacturing issues leading to the release of the iPhone 12 series
  • One of the alleged issues pertains to problems in the production of iPhone camera lenses
  • Apple's manufacturing partner refutes the alleged issue, denying its existence

An Apple manufacturing partner that supplies camera lenses for iPhones has refuted claims of potential issues with their components, a report reveals.

Yujingguang, a Taiwanese company also known as Genius Electronic Optical, has denied reports about problems related to the production of camera lenses for the iPhone 12 series, Digitimes reported. The company maintained that its production of the component continues “without issues” and that Apple's demand for the iPhone part remains the same.

Previously, noted TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the company faced issues while producing coatings for the wide-angle lens that will be used in the iPhone 12 series.

The analyst said in a research note the coatings didn't pass a “high-pressure” and “high humidity” stress test, cracking as the test proceeded. The lenses that failed the test were said to be created for non-Pro iPhone 12 models.

Kuo added that the lenses that were made for the Pro models didn't fail the stress test. These lenses were made by a different supplier, Largan Precision.

The analyst suggested Largan could just pick up from where Genius failed so that the iPhones will not be delayed any further amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Largan could make up for any shortfall, Kuo noted at the time that Genius may still be able to retain Apple as a client despite the alleged failure. The Taiwanese manufacturer, however, may have to lower the prices of its camera lenses in order to do that, charging Apple as little as $1.50 instead of $2 to $2.20 per piece.

Genius, however, refuted Kuo's claims and denied that such issues existed, adding that “demand from its brand handset clients remains normal.”

iPhone 11 Pro Unboxing iPhone 11 Pro. Photo: Aaron Yoo(CC BY-ND 2.0)

Release challenges

This is not the only challenge Apple has had to face in the months leading to the upcoming release of the iPhone 12 series.

The company had to grapple with issues in production due to the spread of COVID-19, starting from China to other places around the world. Its manufacturing partners were forced to close for a time so they could deal with the pandemic.

Apple was even forced to shift production away to other locations as a result.

Recent reports indicated that the Cupertino tech giant will announce the new iPhone 12 series devices later than usual in October. Apple normally unveils devices in September.