• Apple fans continue waiting for a foldable iPhone
  • A concept video tries to show how the foldable iPhone could look like
  • It's just a concept video, though, and it doesn't come from Apple

A new concept video attempts to show just how Apple's foldable iPhone might look like – if it ever comes out this year.

Previous reports reveal that Apple is working on foldable device technologies that can be used on many gadgets. Some of these patented technologies will allow future iPhones to have a foldable screen, or be made of two devices that can merge into one unit.

Foldable iPhone?
Does this look like a foldable iPhone? Apple/USPTO

Apple, however, hasn't released a foldable device despite the patents it has. That said, fans aren't giving up on their hopes of a foldable iPhone – and a new concept video can attest to that.

A new concept video, created by iOS Beta News and published online via ConceptsiPhone, showcases what the video creator calls the “iPhone Flip.” This device, which folds in half like a clamshell, looks like a combination of the iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip. Perhaps, this is why the device is called iPhone Flip.

Here's what the iPhone Flip features, as seen in the video at the end of this article:

A clamshell design

The concept iPhone model features a clamshell design that's more akin to a Galaxy Z Flip than the Moto Razr. It folds horizontally via a hinge at the middle. The hinge disappears when the device is unfolded, and only has a slight bulge when the device is folded.

A large external display

Unlike the Galaxy Z Flip, the concept iPhone Flip has a large external display that can be used when the device is closed. The video shows it as useful for notifications, Activity Rings, and so on. The external display is located at the rear side of the device's lower half.

An upgraded camera setup

The device appears to have a four-camera setup believed to be similar to the one coming with the higher-end iPhone 12 Pro models: the same camera setup as that of the iPhone 11 Pro, with a LiDAR scanner added to the mix. The camera setup is located the rear side of the device's upper half.

A punch hole and more

The concept iPhone Flip does away with the notch and places the front-facing selfie camera inside a small punch hole at the top center of the screen. The device also features volume rockers at the left-hand side and the lock button at the right-hand side of the device.