• A new report claims the iPhone 12 series will feature super fast network connections
  • The devices will adopt a new Wi-Fi standard that's still in development
  • The report also claims that Apple will release a flagship iPhone with an LCD screen

Previous reports indicated that Apple's upcoming iPhone 12 lineup will feature the best specs that any iPhone model ever had. A new report adds to that and claims that the new handset will feature super fast and reliable networking capabilities, which will prove to be very useful in many instances such as video streaming, video calls, and so on.

Anonymous sources speaking with Japanese blog Macotakara claim that Apple's upcoming handsets will take advantage of a near-field communications standard called “IEEE 802.11ay,” Apple Insider reported.

The sources claim that the new Wi-Fi standard will enable the iPhone 12 series to connect with other network-enabled items in an ad hoc network, instead of having to connect via Wi-Fi networks.

The new standard will allow iPhones to connect with other devices at gigabit Wi-Fi speeds, which is seen to result in faster data transfers. Also, since the new standard will allow iPhones to connect with other devices directly and without the help of an intermediary connection, it is expected to result in higher reliability and fewer connection problems.

Macotakara shared a few scenarios where the new network connection standard will come in very handy.

Per the report (via Google Translate), the new “Gigabit WiFI technology is expected to significantly improve data transfer performance between devices, mainly indoors, but it does include gesture recognition for smart devices, health and watching, personal authentication, and in-car monitors.” The report adds that the technology can be used in “various fields.”

The new IEEE 802.11ay Wi-Fi standard is still in its fifth draft version as of writing time, but is believed to be near completion. Final specifications for the new standard are seen to arrive towards the end of 2020.

Other things

The Macotakara report also claims that the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup will have models that sport LCD and OLED displays. This is contrary to earlier reports saying all models will have OLED panels. The size of the LCD iPhone 12 remains unknown at the moment, but the report states that it could be a successor of the lower-priced iPhone 11.

Previous reports suggested that Apple will release four iPhone 12 models, one of which will serve as the successor to the iPhone 11. If Macotakara's report holds water, it appears that the low-cost iPhone 12 model will feature an LCD display.

iPhone 11 Pro Unboxing
iPhone 11 Pro Aaron Yoo(CC BY-ND 2.0)