Apple could release four new iPhone models next year, all of them featuring support for 5G, analysts say.

According to analysts from JP Morgan, Cupertino tech giant Apple will be launching four new iPhone models in 2020, CNN reported. While all of these devices differ in some aspects such as display sizes, all of them will feature one key similarity that's important for the company's future: support for 5G.

JP Morgan's analysts said the upcoming iPhone models, which will likely arrive during the second half of next year, will have support for the 5G network which is currently the fastest network to date. 5G technology, CNN noted, provides ultra-fast wireless connections and plays a crucial role in ushering in more innovations related to mobile communications and other technological advancements.

Apple previously held off on releasing 5G-capable handsets, instead focusing on releasing a new set of smartphones with great camera capabilities. Its rivals such as Samsung and Huawei, on the other hand, released 5G-capable devices that can be used to take advantage of the new network. Cupertino could've received a bigger boost if it released 5G-capable iPhones.

Nevertheless, it's not yet too late for the Tim Cook-led tech giant. Analysts from JP Morgan say that Apple will release four 5G-capable devices in varying sizes: one of them will be small at 5.4 inches, two of them will have a 6.1-inch display, and the largest model will be a 6.7-inch handset.

Aside from introducing 5G on its devices, the analysts noted that Apple might introduce new features with the new devices. For example, the analysts revealed that the largest model will “likely have” sensor shift technology that will allow users to capture better quality photos and videos – even when the one holding the device or the subject is moving.


The new report seems to coincide with previous reports revealing Apple's plans for next year. By now, everybody knows from noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that the Cupertino tech giant is working on a successor to the beloved iPhone SE. Kuo also revealed that next year's iPhone 12 lineup will be more costly to produce due to new technologies, such as 5G.

A new report claims that one of the major features of the latest iOS 13.3 update is failing to deliver its promised protection. CC Public Domain/