Siri Voice Recognition
Siri Voice Recognition Reuters

Siri is a groundbreaking technology introduced by Apple along with iOS 5. You can ask a lot of things to it and get some helpful results, and the best part is that it can be done via voice commands.

However, there are a few questions which you should never ask Siri as there is a possibility of getting weird responses from the voice assistant. The only thing you should keep in mind while using Siri is that you should never go over the line.

Here is a list of 5 questions that will guarantee a weird response from Siri.

Question: Who's your daddy?
Siri's Answer: You are. Can we get back to work now?

Question: Can you murder someone for me?
Answer: I found 3 mental health agencies... 2 of them are not far from you: (it is then followed by the name of the health agencies).

Question: Will you marry me?
Siri's Answer: Let's just be friends. OK?

Question: I need to hide a body
Siri's Answer: What kind of place are you looking for? Reservoirs? Metal foundries? Mines? Dumps? Swamps?

Question: Why did Apple make you?
Siri's Answer: I haven't the slightest idea, Chris.
Alternative Answer to the question: Apple doesn't tell me everything, you know.