iPhone 5S rumors
Rumors have it that gold will be the third color variant of the iPhone 5S, while new iPad rear shell photos reveal silver back for the iPad 5. Reuters

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) seems to be aggressively exploring metallic colors for its upcoming iOS devices if the growing claims of a golden iPhone 5S that have surfaced online are to be believed, while new photos of silver-colored iPad 5 shells have also hit the web.

Rumors are rife that Apple is likely to release a golden-colored iPhone 5S as the third color variant in addition to the standard black and white variants. While some reports argue that an actual golden color will make the new iPhone look tacky, there are other reports saying the color could be closer to “champagne” than "gold."

Based on information from various sources, MG Siegler of TechCrunch added his voice to the growing murmur of the golden-colored iPhone 5S, saying that there is a strong possibility of such a color variant for the next-generation iPhone.

“Yes, there will be a gold iPhone,” Siegler wrote. “That’s the latest I’m hearing from multiple sources after several weeks of rumors and possible component leaks suggesting the same thing… And now, upon checking, sure enough, there will be gold.”

According to Siegler, the color of the golden iPhone 5S would not be a totally “blinged-out gold.” Instead, it would look like the color of champagne. As for why Apple is considering introducing a golden iPhone, Siegler said it could be part of the company’s strategy to attract customers in emerging markets, such as China and India, “where the color is very popular.”

Siegler’s take on the golden iPhone 5S comes on the heels of a research note from Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, who recently said that the iPhone 5S would be offered in a gold-colored casing, in addition to the traditional black and white color options.

Meanwhile, France-based NowhereElse, on Sunday, posted a set of photos of what it claimed are the back shells of the iPad 5 and the second-generation iPad mini. The new photos showed a slim silver-colored casing of the full-sized iPad, thereby supporting earlier rumors that the iPad 5 would be thinner than the existing model of the flagship tablet.

Photos of a number of alleged black iPad 5 shells have surfaced over the past few months, but this is the first time that a white or silver-colored iPad 5 back has been leaked online.

In addition to the iPad 5 back cover, the leaked photos also show a rear shell of an iPad mini. However, it is not clear whether the component belongs to the current iPad mini or if it is intended to be a part of the second-generation iPad mini.

Apple is highly rumored to unveil the iPhone 5S, as well as the low-cost iPhone 5C, at a special media event on Sept. 10. The iPad 5 and the next-generation iPad mini with retina display are likely to be released in the fourth quarter of this year.