Apple’s $29 iPhone battery replacement offer is ending on Dec. 31, so users are advised to avail the promo while it’s still available. Getty Images/Spencer Platt

A new year is dawning soon, so don’t waste your chance of getting your iPhone battery replaced for just $29 this 2018. The lowest price offer for Apple’s affordable battery replacement program is ending on Dec. 31.

The year 2018 wasn’t a good one for many iPhone users. Complaints of iOS smartphones quickly running low on battery life have been rampant. Owners also didn’t like spending a lot on battery replacements, so Apple has decided to offer a reduced cost battery replacement program until the year ends.

For handsets affected by “batterygate,” particularly iPhone 6 and newer models, this would be the last chance for owners to avail a battery replacement that’s only worth $29. Starting Jan. 1, pricing for the program will be higher — an impractical option for users who are on a budget.

After Dec. 31, a battery replacement for the iPhone 8 and older devices would cost $49. On the other hand, owners of the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR would have to shell out $69 for better batteries, AppleInsider pointed out.

If you aren’t sure about your iPhone battery’s state, you can check for its performance by visiting Settings > Battery > Battery Health. This option should give you a basic report of your battery’s performance. Problematic batteries will cause the feature to display a warning message that recommends users to have their battery replaced.

Once you have confirmed that your iPhone battery is problematic, you can ask for a replacement by heading to Apple’s online support page and from there choose iPhone > Battery & Charging > Battery Replacement. You may also take your device to a Genius Bar appointment in an Apple Store. But this option may take some time.

Shipping your device to Apple for repair is also not a good option. The best thing to do is to choose Bring In for Repair. This way you can immediately bring your iPhone to the Apple Store and get a battery replacement there. After all, Apple Stores typically have replacement batteries in stock.

After getting a battery replacement, you should notice how the new unit works. A healthy battery would not only significantly improve speed improvement, it should also lengthen the longevity of the handset on regular use.