• Several tech giants have already released or at least unveiled foldable smartphones
  • Apple hasn't revealed its foldable iPhone or iPad yet
  • A new concept video shows just how the foldable iPhone might look like

While several tech giants have already released their entries into the foldable smartphones category, Apple is still busy working on new non-foldable iPhones as well as other tech accessories like new AirPods, Powerbeats, and Smart Keyboards for a new iPad Pro.

Several evidences point to it being interested in the new device category, but it seems that there's no foldable iPhone yet. This lack of news about this device, however, can't stop excited fans from hoping that someday, Apple will release a handset that folds in half.

Now, a new concept video that imagines just how the iPhone Fold will look like has appeared. The concept video was uploaded by a Toronto-based Instagram user named Iskander Utebayev (@bad.not.bad). Here's a quick look at the design:

First, the video shows the clamshell device in its folded form. There's a high-resolution outer display that spans the entire width of the back of the upper half when folded. This screen looks like a mirror while it's turned off. A camera module with several cameras can also be seen at the top of the back of the upper half when the display is awakened.

Second, there's a hinge that looks sleeker than the one on the Motorola Razr. It also doesn't disappear when the device is opened, like the one on the Galaxy Z Flip. In fact, it looks like there's no hinge at all, iMore noted. The hinge area proudly shows the Apple logo on the left-hand side, while the “iPhone” branding can be seen at the right.

Third, the device unfolds to become a huge handset that seems to need two hands to use more comfortably. The screen of undetermined size is surrounded by very thin bezels. There's no notch and Home button. Interestingly, the display doesn't have creases. It also unfolds with a simple swipe of the finger.

Is this real?

The concept video presents a cool design, but it's too early to say if this is how Apple's foldable smartphone will look like. The designer said this is “my vision of iPhone 12 Flip” – this is not Cupertino's design. That said, fans shouldn't expect the foldable iPhone to look this way, at least until the technology for it is perfected.

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