Jailbreaking activities have become increasingly popular these days, giving rise to the popularity of jailbreakers online. Over the years, the Cupertino-based tech titan has been finding ways to make sure that this kind of activity is stopped. In August, Apple made an error that allows modern iPhone models to be jailbroken.

The company was quick to seed a patch to fix it quickly. Earlier today, a security researcher revealed that a permanent unpatchable bootroom exploit might lead to permanent jailbreak of Apple iPhone 4S to iPhone X. On Twitter, axi0nX, a security researcher, shared its Apple iOS jailbreak tool called checkm8. Many call the latest Apple OS jailbreak tool as an epic jailbreak.

It is worth noting, however, that this particular exploit, with further work, could lead to a jailbreak. The Twitter user explained in his post that the checkm8 is not yet a full jailbreak with Cydia but just an exploit. He explains that developers and researches can use it to decrypt keybags with AES engine, dump SecureROM, and even demote the device to activate JTAG.

Rewrite Photo: Jan Vasek/Pixabay

The latest Apple iOS jailbreak tool checkm8 is also capable of jailbreaking iPhone 3GS. But, it could not be remotely operated and has to be executed through the use of USB. Although Apple had already patched the vulnerability last month, the security researcher said that the vulnerability is not complicated to exploit on most devices.

The latest Apple iOS jailbreaking tool checkm8 was shared on GitHub and warned users that it could brick their devices. At present, the tool is in its beta stage, and if anything goes wrong, it can restore the device’s latest IPSW in iTunes, but the creator could not guarantee it. It can be recalled that the Cupertino-based tech titan has increased its bug bounty program and will start providing developers with pre-jailbroken devices in the early part of 2020.