Apple recently submitted a permit to open Project Isabel, a brand new 372,893 square foot facility in the Reno Technology Park in Nevada according to BuildZoom. The Reno Technology Park is a 2200-acre lot 15 miles outside of Reno available for technology companies to rent. Apple currently is renting 345 of the 2200 acres.

Apple has already built Project Mills, a 412,000 sq. foot 14-building site in the technology park, but is looking to expand. The Project Mills data center is used to support iTunes, iBookstore, App Store and iCloud services.

Project Isabel is valued at nearly $51 million and will consist of an administration building, a parking garage, a generator yard and six other clusters of buildings. It will be used as a data management site for Siri, FaceTime and iMessages. The permit for Project Isabel was submitted by FCI Group, but it was quickly withdrawn. It is expected to be revised and resubmitted soon according to BuildZoom.

A year ago, Apple filed a proposal for an expansion on the same property as Project Isabel. It was going to be called Project Huckleberry and its goal was to construct a central building and a few data center clusters. No plans have been made to move forward with that project.

Apple is also hoping to power its entire Reno facility through solar power by early 2019 according to AppleInsider. It is already powering the data centers in Reno with clean sources, but have yet to figure out a way to use solar power for every aspect of the 345 acre plot of land. Apple is planning to use solar power for its Campus 2 Headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. as soon as the Reno campus is fully dependent.

There are no details yet regarding the number of jobs created due to the development of Project Isabel. The proposal is still in its early stages, and it will likely be awhile before any new positions are posted. President Trump recently asked Apple CEO Tim Cook to consider manufacturing iPhones in the United States. According to MacInsider, Apple and Foxconn are thinking of developing a highly automated display facility in the United States. It would be a $7 billion joint investment and could lead to 30,000-50,000 more jobs.