Apple is currently enjoying the lead with the massive success of the iPhone 11. However, the company achieved this through pursuing customer interests rather than rocking the competition with a whole new feature on the smartphone. However, fans are hopeful for the company’s work on 2020.

As seen on a report from CNBC, Apple used its knowledge about what customers want to make the iPhone 11. The smartphone camera is noted as one of the important part of the device according to many customers. With this in mind, the iPhone 11 has crowning feature is its multi-lens camera with all of its features geared toward camera modes.

Apple’s known design about their devices is that it offers something new and better against its competition. The company was not the first to offer such a camera feature but definitely leads in the quality of it. So far, Apple’s new devices this year are definitely better than its competition.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold still has problems with its durability as its hinges still has problems. Meanwhile, Huawei’s new smartphones barely has a chance in the U.S. due to the government banning the company from doing business in the country. Apple’s current situation is great for fast growth and it currently is.

As of now, Apple’s smartphone shares 41 percent of the market sales in the U.S. Their choice to not innovate and play it safe for this 2019 can’t be contested if it contributes to the growth of the company. Many analysts see that investing on camera and hardware upgrades are one of the safer

While many longtime Apple fans won’t be seeing any new features for iPhone 11, many fans are expecting to see the innovation next year on the 2020 iPhone generation.

Apple has yet to confirm new features or any news on its next iPhone but it is said that Apple is planning something big for the next generation. Longtime Apple designer Jony Ive’s departure from the company is noted to be one of the reasons why the iPhone 11 didn’t have any innovative feature.

For now, we’ll have to wait on Apple to see if it’ll release an innovative follow-up to the iPhone 11 on 2020.

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