• Apple Maps offers a clear, easy-to-read mapping tool
  • Google Maps, on the other hand, offers a richly detailed navigation tool
  • Users can choose either of the two, since their features are almost similar to one another

The battle between iOS and Android continues with the features and apps they offer consumers, including Apple Maps and Google Maps. These two apps help consumers travel to wherever they need to be, get to where they've never been, and see where they are when they don't exactly know where they are at the moment.

With that said, since the two apps offer the same thing, how can consumers know which is the better Maps app? Here's how users can choose between the two.

User Interface and Features

Apple Maps presents data in a way that's simpler and clearer compared to Google Maps. It also allows users to browse indoor locations that Apple already mapped. Interestingly, it also allows users to see nearby features rendered in 3D in real-time,helping them locate unfamiliar landmarks.

Apple Maps has many benefits for those who use it, particularly those who are invested in Apple's ecosystem. The Collections feature, which can be used to group locations and places of interest together, can be shared to others users. The Apple Maps app also works with other apps in Apple's ecosystem such as Photos, CarPlay and more.

Google Maps, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive map that's consistently maintained by Google and its sources. It uses data collected from businesses, users and other data sources. Google Maps also simplifies things by lumping things together in five distinct tabs: explore, commute, saved, contribute, and updates.

Explore shows the events generated by users and businesses. Commute helps users navigate from home to work and back with a simply tap. Saved works like Apple Maps' Collections. Contribute shows user-added information, photos and updates about locations. Updates shows periodically updated information about businesses and things users follow.


Choosing between the two mapping apps need not be difficult. All users need to do is to check the platform they are using. Are they using an Android or iOS device? Do they use an Apple Watch when they go outside the house? Asking this question narrows the selection down.

Android users, as per Apple Insider, are “stuck” with Google Maps, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. As mentioned, Google Maps offers a comprehensive mapping service for those who use it. Apple device users, on the other hand, will enjoy Apple Maps' ability to work with other apps in Apple's ecosystem.

Both mapping apps offer features that are largely similar to one another. It all boils down to user preference.

Google Maps
Google Maps has a new feature that makes walking in unfamiliar territory less scary. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic