• Google Maps is a very helpful tool to use when going places
  • It also helps navigating to Home or Work easier than ever
  • By setting Google Maps up, users will already be able to navigate using a few taps

Those who travel often will find Google Maps a very helpful tool. The app makes it easy to locate unfamiliar places, know the best route going to an interesting spot, and determine the amount of time needed to get there depending on the mode of travel. It really is a helpful tool.

Those who don't travel often will still find Google Maps as a helpful tool when traveling from home or from work. The app will help users know the best route to and from their workplace so they will save more time for other things like having fun with the kids or just getting home to rest earlier than not. All users need to do key in their home and work addresses, and wait for the results.

Those who don't want to type the addresses over and over will find the process tedious, especially if they have to do it on a daily basis. Here's how to get directions from home or work faster using the app on an iPhone, as per iPhoneHacks:

Those who haven't set their Home and Work address up should take the time to do it because it saves a lot of time compared to when having to key it in repeatedly.

  • First, users should launch Google Maps on their iPhone.
  • Second, users must tap on the menu icon at the top left corner, followed by “Your places.”
  • Third, users must tap on the “Labelled” tab, then tap on the three dots to the right of “Home.” Those who haven't done this before should tap on “Set it and go” once prompted, and enter the address of their home. The same can be done for the workplace by tapping on the three dots next to “Work.”

Now that the Home and Work addresses are set, users will be able to get directions to either location easier. Here's how:

  • First, users should tap and hold on the Google Maps icon on the iPhone's Home Screen. A contextual menu will pop up.
  • Next, once the menu appears, users should tap on “Home” or “Work,” depending on where they are and where they intend to go.
  • After that, users should tap on Start to start navigating. Google Maps will display the best route to Home or Work, depending on where they are.